Monday, February 27, 2012

So yoga took a week's hiatus as I couldn't get yesterday's ride out of my head. Stiff and bickering it was NOT what I was hoping for some 9 weeks or so before the start of show season. I just couldn't. So I got in my car and headed to the barn this evening.

I had a game plan. I have solutions worked out to everything in my head and I was envisioning success. Yesterday was an off day. Today, we'll be back on track.

Things started out just right. Moon trotting up to the gate on my approach, even though everyone else was still hiding out in the shelter. He did his customary sniff of the garbage can on the way in and then was happy to groomed. I did manage to find ANOTHER bite in his neck with a chunk of skin missing and blood dried or frozen to his fur. I'd REALLY love my horse to have SOME skin left on him come show season...

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