Monday, February 6, 2012

And Enter Week 14.

Yes, today started out 14th week before our first show. I think I shall count my weeks like that from now on. After a weekend spent catching up on 'life' (which includes things like home repairs, spring cleaning, ignored projects and the like), I squeezed in a very short ride on Moon with the BF. I warmed him up and focused on getting him loose and relaxed before heading into canter departs.

Let me say, that while we have a very long way to go, he's showing improvement. I don't expect wonders, but it was awesome to see that he was getting his leads. And I taught the boyfriend what leads were and how they look. And then made him stand in the middle of the ring as I went 'round and tell me which lead I was on. Teehee. Boys are awesome.

After about 5 successful transitions where I brought him back to trot after a half circle (he actually felt like he could continue on, but I knew that wasn't our purpose), I hopped off. He was being a darling.

And the BF mounted up. Walked him and worked on steering and then decided to tackle trot again. He asked if he could try "that up down thing?" Posting? Yes!

Let's face facts that steering and posting and maintaining speed are difficult things for a new rider, and Moon is notorious for hollowing his back. Didn't help that I was making it clear that he's to lay off Moon's mouth (which he was awesome about!). Well, I'm happy to say he did a great job, even working on lots of walk-trot transitions. The coolest thing was when he accidently cued for canter and Moon struck off on the correct lead in a nice relaxed canter! And the BF rode it just fine for a few paces before getting him back to a trot, walk and finally halt. I didn't know who I wanted to praise more for their success! Such a calm canter transition for a green horse and green rider. I love my boys!

So while it wasn't a long ride, it sure felt like a good ride. Moon was spoiled with some more grooming and treats before we put him back out in his field. Oh, and it was pretty funny when his ex-girlfriend was lead into the barn (they were bringing the horses in for the night) and he started nickering to her!!! Didn't nicker to any other horse! Which is funny, b/c W said she also seperated them because his Girlfriend was going into her first heat cycle and Moon apparently wasn't so keen on her sudden clinginess and was chasing her off : P Guess time apart re-ignites true love : P Or a 13 year old sex-less horse can still want the companionship of a hot little leggy 2 year old : P

The evening finished off with my first yoga class. Boy, for a very slow class, it was really hard!!! Instead of running like crazy to build up a sweat, I was getting one just holding some of those poses. What I did learn very clearly, is where I keep a lot of my tension. Like when the instructor told me to "open my chest" and pull my shoulders back. Um, not sure they go back anymore! Funny, I think W is always telling me the same thing...

I finished the class both hot and tired as well as oddly relaxed. The last couple of minutes were spent relaxing our bodies and imaging ourselves melting into our mats. Lots of breathing and just melting away. Ahhh. I really enjoy melting away my tensions. I wonder if this is what Meditation is? I could go for regular melting sessions...Moon probably could too. Anyone have horse yoga???

Today also came with the arrival of my Equine Canada membership card, complete with a beautiful photo of Hickstead on the front of it. Nice tribute. And I'm official. Scary! It's starting to feel real. Better yet when the BF was asking me if Moon's "evil rabbit face" was acceptable in the show ring. Nope, lose marks. "What about the tail swishing?" Nope, lose marks. "What about the fact that every time you ask him if he's ready, he raises his tail and poops or farts?" Um, well that's just the pleasure of having two boys in the ring : P Though I can't deny the timing was uncanny. Buggers.

I also got to have some awesome email convo with Moon's future home. Every day that passes and the more we chat, the more I wish it was the end of April already! Though knowing my luck, it's gonna rain the whole summer : P Someone tell me how they manage to train in the rain, outdoors!

Besides, future BO has a beautiful "beach" in her backyard (seriously) and a love for fine wine that matches my own (okay, this summer will probably be sparkling apple juice for her ; ) ), but what better way to "melt away" then lounging on a chair in the sand watching your tired horses wander around in front of you???! She's so spoiled.

Lastly, we have some trailer pictures. The BF and I went out this weekend to pull of the old tires and rims and bring them home with us. We plan on replacing them on our upcoming trip. My birthday present since he won't just marry me instead. Boys. : P
 Measuring up our bolt pattern so we know what tires to replace it with. : ) Yippee for new tires!
Sad, naked fenders. The back of the rims showed the beautiful sparkly chevy blue the trailer once was. So pretty.
That square plate towards the back is the brake mounting flange. Measures up as a 3500 lb. axle. Guess I'm gonna have to take the risk and buy the brakes already.

The round thing is the "hub" which is what your tires mount to. Since we're adding drum brakes, I'll purchase a new hub that has the drum incorporated. It also means new bearings, races (those things help everything go-round) and grease seal (the little blue cap in the front).

All of the rust you see is pretty much on the surface and will be sanded and repainted a nice gloss black in the springtime.
Trailer looks kinda sad without its wheels on. But just a few more weeks till we have them swapped over. Then it gets hauled home for the complete paint-job, re-work. I think I'm even gonna buy an interior light for the tack compartment. Any other suggestions of things to add to spruce it up or "pimp my trailer"??
Lookie! One of the original Blair rubber mats is still in the trailer! That's a very old mat!

Oh, and I started a crazy little project that may or may not work out. We'll see. I'm hoping it inspires all my fellow newbie-showers on a dime budget to get out there and do it. : ) If it works, I'll post the details. If it flops...I'll hide the evidence and share my flopped folly. : )


  1. Sounds like a good week! And I know how you feel about yoga, I love it :)

  2. I'm THIS close to getting a book about yoga... it's an equestrian yoga book and I think I might really benefit from practicing some of the stuff inside. I have a terrible time breathing when I ride (why?!) so I think it would be good for me!

    I'm excited to see your trailer when it's all done! And I think it's cool that the BF rides... mine won't touch my horse with a 20 foot pole! LOL