Friday, February 24, 2012

Oh Crummy...good news?

So it seems, that if I'm REALLY lucky, there's a good chance I won't be able to attend our first scheduled horse show, and the first sanctioned dressage show of the season. If I'm even luckier, I might still manage one crazy and hectic day of showing on the Saturday. And by crazy-hectic, I mean crazy-hectic! As in show all day, bring my boy home, ditch the trailer, get a short nap in and then board a plane...

The details won't follow until everything is approved and finalized. Approval is always a gamble...let's hope my luck stays! I'll probably be bawling my eyes out if approval falls through, as this is a gamble that means no trip to Las Vegas.

Let me say, it would be worth missing out on one dressage show (even though there's only three and registering for membership in all of the groups has already cost me a small fortune).

In other news, tomorrow morning I'm off to watch the Valkenborg dressage clinic and just today discovered the entry form for a very cool light horse show in a nearby town. Early June and perhaps JUST the thing to make up for our (hopefully) missed opportunity. It has both low cross-rails, a walk-trot english pleasure class and a trail class. Also something I've never heard of, but a quick google informed me it's pretty neat, which is "Command Class". Kinda like Simon-says on horseback!

Oh, and a bareback dollar ride (ride bareback without the bill under your bum flying away) and costume class which would both be fun! $30 for unlimited classes all day, or $5 per class. I think I might just make this my back-up show depending on how things go...

Now everyone cross your fingers that I'm approved for my trip, and I'll be able to spill the beans!

Lastly, a picture of my Main-Man, looking all cute (old pictures, but he's been working too hard to model...). He fully supports me going on my trip over the dressage show, as A. He doesn't like working anyway, and B. I promised to bring him something cool home ; )
Moon, just a couple weeks after we first met (and almost two years ago now).

Moon-pie this winter, after a year of being his "only". 


  1. hmmmm. . . Vegas. . .I might have a guess!

  2. Oh sure, leave us hanging! I have a guess too, but can't wait to hear all about it when you spill the beans! :)