Friday, March 14, 2014

Back for a Cause!

If there's ANYTHING that will bring Mooner's blog back out from the woodwork, it would be this:

And apparently mean people can't spell either.

You see, I've been following "A Fat Girl & A Fat Horse" for years now. Those who know me might think..."But S, you're a freak of a toothpick? What would draw you to a blog about "Body Positivity for Plus Sized Riders"??

Well, I like people who come up against the harshness of reality, pull up their big girl panties, and show the world they're worthy.

Amanda's got one of those blogs. I love reading about how she's changing her mentality, her view of self, and being strong in the face of adversity.

Like her most recent post.

Turns out folks had stolen one of her blog pictures, one where she was just a girl on a horse she loved, and with cruelty or perhaps just a lack of sensibility, turned it into a meme (many memes) that were hurtful, lewd, derogatory, offensive and not something ANYONE would want to see with their picture. This touches close to home, because as bloggers, we often post pictures of ourselves in less than 'perfect' scenarios, because we're trying to show the world, our blogging community, that we over came adversity, or that this, this is the real me.

We don't need those used as internet fodder and pointless, hurtful bemusement by people who can't figure out the difference between funny and a$$-hat.

So my blogger friends, I can only ask you, that PLEASE, let's all go to the meme site and let's make Amanda some positive memes! I want the next time she googles that picture of herself, she's inundated by all the horse bloggers out there, who believe that we ALL deserve the joys that horses bring, regardless of our size, and we all deserve to be treated fairly.

My meme for Amanda!

Make your motiviation Meme for Amanda, plus sized riders, riders who just don't give a damn what size you are, and decent people everywhere:

And feel free to let Amanda know on her blog, A Fat Girl & A Fat Horse. She deserves it.


  1. People disgust me:(

    Now please stay back!

  2. Hope all is well with you! Miss hearing about you and Moon. I just read this on another blog. Terrible. Wish people could be nice, they don't even know anything about her or the situation.