Thursday, November 28, 2013

From the Ashes.

Dearest Moonpie's blog has sat dormant for nearly a year now and with it I have felt a great deal of sorrow. I haven't ceased following your blogs, haven't stopped commenting, haven't stopped writing. And yet...I feel so parted, so halved.

There's a chance I'm going to find myself right back in the fire for coming back and posting, but to hell with it. It's time. I gave up the last year of my life, and it's time to take it all back.

So really, what HAS the last year been like for the Moonpie and I??

Well, Mr. Moon has pretty much sat out in a field, munched hay and grass, gone out the odd time with a strange rider and perhaps once or twice went for a ride with me.

I know. I parked my blog and I parked my horse.

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