Wednesday, January 23, 2013


What more can I tell you? It's FREEZING out there. -15 F (-26 C) this afternoon. Which means it was -20 or worse last night. Almost all of this week to be honest. Awful. Cold. Nasty weather.

Monday I climbed up the hay pile, with the sun shining (means it's extra cold, but boy I miss sunshine!), throwing hay down for the ponies. Stuffed four hay nets, scraped the poo out of the run-in and gave everyone their grain.

It took me two hours, because it's really slow lacing nets with big ol'mittens on. I thought that the ponies might be miserable because of how cold it was. In reality??

They didn't seem to care. Moon was running about trying to hoof everyone. Yup. Even in the cold he's a total nimrod.

When I finished, the sun was going down. I was chilled. Guess what? I went home, had a hot shower and crawled into bed. Okay, I *may* have squished a little home design in there somewhere. Yup, exciting pony life for me...

The truth? The unfortunate truth is that Moon is going to be getting a lot more of this nothing if things go the way they seem to. The good news? The good news is that I'm making steady progress towards that country home. So it's all worth a little inattentiveness.

We all know he's not complaining ; )

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