Friday, September 28, 2012

On my own two feet.

So my life is finally back to "normal" or the closest semblance that I can currently find. Which means I'm crazy busy all the time, yet I'm ridiculously happy despite the lack of sleep.

On Wednesday, I officially completed my separation papers and was officially "free". No more lawyers, no more pounding my head against the desk over unnecessary phone conversations. Completed. Finished.

Everyone seemed to think I should be ecstatic and overjoyed, and I really wasn't. And not because I was sad or upset. As my friend H told me, the opposite of love is not hate. It's indifference. Hate is still a strong emotion; indifference is the lack thereof.

And so it was. The entire final signing was a non-event. Other than some frustration on having to pay more $$ : P  God bless the lawyers ; )

Honda had also approved nearly 100% of my transmission repair costs, leaving me with just the fluids and wheel alignment to cover. A mere $250 in repair costs, for a $6k quote. I'm THRILLED.

So yesterday I took my car back to the dealer so they could pull the serial number and order in my part. Good chance I'll be back in ol'blue by the end of October. And before the weather gets cold! (love heated seats and command start!).

Of course, yesterday I made it out to the barn, and did ring work for the first time in WEEKS! Or maybe even months. I've lost track it's been so long.

However, the FIRST thing I did was snap a picture of the AWESOME prize I won from Val and his owner over at Calm, Forward, Straight blog! I've been meaning to get this pic taken, but being at the barn after dark feeding just wasn't letting it happen. So finally I had my moment and snapped this pretty awesome one:

Thanks Val and Calm, Forward, Straight!

So Mr. Moon-pie.

Like LOVE him. I tacked him up in his jumping saddle, rode him about, he stretched down and out so lovely for a horse who hasn't been asked to work in weeks, and then I pointed him at a fence. We did a couple of x-rails, and then I upped it to the 6th pin-hole. I think that's about 2'3 or 2'6". And pointed him at it.

He swapped to a happy canter three strides before, SOARED over it cleanly and gave me a few canter strides on the other side. I LOVE this horse. For a little QH, he just loves to do it and is so willing.

And then we had a problem. I psyched myself out. The second time to it, I was literally staring at the jump and trying to keep him from cantering (in my head going "but you don't know HOW to canter to a jump!"...if you're rolling your eyes because the jump just previous he cantered cleanly all on his own, roll away. My mind never does make much sense!) and pretty much drove him right at the jump standard : P Since we jump skinnies (lucky if they're 5' across), there's no much chance for waiver.

Coming through the third time, he jumped clean, but again we drifted off the rail and my FOOT actually caught the standard! And down the whole thing came behind us. Whoops! Sorry bud!

I sincerely can tell you, our jumping problems all relate back to me. I video'd the whole thing, and it's obvious that he's willing, tucked and has great clearance. Just some noob is up there freaking out and trying to jump the fence for him : P

Feeling like I was making a good situation bad, I dropped the pole 1-notch (so 3") and took him around again.

He jumped clean and lovely, landed on the other side, and some NOOB once again, let their heels come up on one side. Since Moon likes to head right after the jump, I came right off over his left shoulder...

And wound up standing there beside him on the ground. Yup, landed PERFECTLY on my own two feet in the sand, facing Mr. Moon, still holding the reins. And Mr. Moon literally stopped DEAD the instant I came off. I mean, he just STOOD there, staring at me with bug-eyes.

Poor buddy. ; )

The only downfall, was despite wearing a helmet, my left stirrup iron got perfect pendulum momentum and swung 'round to wallop me in the base of the skull just below the back of my helmet. OUCH.

Back on him I climbed (tortured horse) and we did it again, this time totally clean. PHEW.

Lots of love, did some canter circle work, and then just loved on him. He is without a doubt, the best, best horse of my life. And I can't wait for more fun together!

And yes, I caught my fall on video...just need the next month so I have data again to upload it. It's pretty funny looking : P


  1. Love the picture and the ride story! I think we all over think - when we ride with a clear mind and let the horse do their can be amazing :) But gosh is it tough.

    So glad life is on the up swing for you!

  2. Moon was probably like, hey, you were just on me! How did you end of in front of me! Good for you for getting back on! Moon is such a good boy, you are a lucky lady!

  3. Nice picture! Felt a little funny about writing "foam finger" on the customs declaration form when I mailed your package... glad to hear it arrived.

    You do have a wonderful equine partner - looking forward to the video, ;D