Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In Pictures.

Pine Ridge Equine Park School's Out Fun Show...

In pictures.

Sunday's Post-Freestyle Workout.

Moon's first night at the "Show Barn"!

More post-freestyle prepwork.

That AWFUL freestyle salute. Or "Whatever movement that was supposed to be..."

At least we're cute...

Inverted pony.

Double that.

Say "Cheese"!
The "Classic Evil Rabbit Face" caught on camera.

Freestyle Enterance!

If Moon and I had better form, it'd kinda be cute!

Moon is SO OVER ribbons.

Looks longingly to the paddock and green grass...

Our "Haul".

Meeting his new "roommates".

Consolation Carrots c/o Huckleberry Cat.

My "Red Ribbon" Bouquet, c/o H and M.

Show Ears.


  1. You guys look good! Moon is so cute all "showed up"!
    Love the evil rabbit face :)

  2. Great pictures! You look wonderful to me(: congrats on the ribbons too

  3. The pictures are great! Moon looks super cute in his button braids!

  4. Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

  5. You guys looks so great! Good job on the button braids. When I was showing the hunter circuit I did those little hunter braids and they were always disastrous! Forget the fact that it took me like 4 hours to make them look that awful. Never figured out button braids at all. Love that last picture, super cute!

  6. Looks like you had a fantastic time. By the way if Moon is reluctant to drink at shows you could try adding a little peppermint or apple cordial to his water, experiment and see which he likes. Or float an apple in the water bucket, horses will play apple bobbing! Some like the water beet is soaked in and yes soaked beet is a great way to keep your horse hydrated but check the bag for soaking instructions some require 24 hr soak.Soaked hay will also help with hydation.