Sunday, June 10, 2012

Boy oh Boys.

I have to say, it's a rather unfortunate thing that you're able to read this post, as it means that I'm trapped indoors. And like many of you, the rain is falling again, the thunder is booming, and the lightening is flashing across the sky.

Before I dive head-long into the pony world, I should say that since it is yet still springtime, and of course, rainy and miserable, it seems to be the best time for most creatures to give birth to their youngin. I'm not sure why it always seems to be when the rain is falling or the skies are dark, but perhaps that's what keeps everyone hudled together rather then wandering afar. Who knows.

Regardless, this past week sent us two very special and wonderful births. The first being Baby N, a new little brother of my dear "niece" M, and H's first son. We are of course delighted for them, and I must say, I *knew* it would be a boy! So myself and H2 are looking after the ponies, and I'm on a short country vacation where I can stare out the window and see my pony. Yes, I must admit I could wish H pregnant more often for this "sleepover" opportunity, but since I'd rather she get her hindend back in the saddle so her and I can get riding together, I'll opt for a few more vacations while they introduce the new Baby to the distant family. : ) That way I'm not waiting another 9 months for a horseback ride with her!

Now, speaking of these "babies", there was another special one born, though not of the human nature, though it still requires me to venture over to offer my congratulations...

Coach W's new colt!! Seems to be boys in the air this spring, and we of course, all love a new foal! Being partial to geldings myself, I'm excited for W and can tell she's thrilled herself! I couldn't not share this cutie with you...She expects him to grey-out like his momma, and says she's been an excellent momma and the foal is happy and healthy.

His wonderful name is "Graceson" and I'm excited to head out to the barn tonight or tomorrow for a visit!!

Well then, enough on the babies. There will be time enough for visiting them all later!



My pony has, since returning from our last show and being mixed in the larger herd, turned into a true jerk.

I'm not sure why.

Friday I went out to feed and ride, and when I approached him while he was eating, he took off. After that, any time I came near him, he ran away and charged around the paddock at a canter. No other horse cared or even looked at him, and I knew it was all me.

After being frustrated since he wouldn't let me fly spray him, he wouldn't let me apply cream to his very ouchy cracked and peeling nose sunburn, and frustrated when I went with his halter and he continued to run from me, I lost my patience.

I managed to corner him, drag him into the arena and round pen (okay, rectangular pen) him. Every time he'd run away from me and towards the pasture gate, I'd chase him off and send him circling. Any time he would run from me on my approach, I made him run some more.

Over and over and over again.

Sometimes he's stand, but then stick his head over the fence to stare at his "buddies".

More running.

Finally he stopped, turned towards me and stood still.

I wandered over and petted him. Called him a good boy and praised him for behaving himself. But when I went to put the halter on, off he took running again.

So I ran him some more.

Finally after a good 30 minutes of running, he stood quietly on my approach, let me halter him and followed me nicely while I led him around the ring. He was puffing, dripping sweat and blowing hard. Reminded me of my old polo days really.

I walked him out to cool him, and after a bit, removed his lead rope. Made him keep following me. After awhile, he decided he wanted to go back to the pasture gate.

So I ran him even more.

THAT time he decided that he was really done with the foolishness. And stood nice while I haltered him and then followed me without any leadrope. Around and around. Then halterless, he followed me nicely. Then I sprayed him with fly spray without a lead rope, and he stood nice. Then applied dermagel to his nose.

It only took an hour.

Finally I made him follow me around the paddock halterless and leadrope less, near all the other horses, near the water, over the grass. Guess who's the leader?

And then I spent 20 minutes walking him around to cool him out. Of course, I also had to sweat scrape him....though all the dried mud on him turned to wet mud and wouldn't come off...

The sun set, I had a sticky muddy horse, and since he was no longer blowing, I put him back in his field. NOT happy. Since when did my horse behave like this?!

So when H2 texted me this morning that my horse wouldn't stand for fly spraying, I wasn't surprised. Serious problems, and I've had enough.

I spent the morning catching up on household chores since I'd be spending the night in the country, and then since the BF had gone with me on Friday to get some pressure treated plywood for my pony trailer, I opted to cut and install it.

It irritated me a ton because it was such a tight fit I was scuffing my new paint job! I got so frustrated that I accidently smoked my finger with the mallet, and stompted into the house too angry to bother finishing.

I eventually came back out and the BF helped me install that last piece. So both manger boards are installed, as is the tack floor. I still need to pick up the stainless steel seam my dad made for me to install, but the new floor is pretty nice. I hope to pick up some rubber matting in the USA and cover the tack floor with it, to hide the seam. Likewise, I plan to use the old stall matting to cover the wood in the mangers, as it will be a lot cleaner and keep the food from falling down into the tack area.

I then opened my last can of white epoxy roof paint and put a final coat on the trailer roof. Unfortunately, it didn't have a chance to cure before the rain, but it DID get to dry to touch...hmm...wonder how THAT will turn out...

The whole thing brings me a few steps closer to being done...


I headed out to the barn in the afternoon and dawdled around doing "baby" things and playing with the dogs. So by the time I wandered over to the barn, the sky was starting to darken.

I spent a good 20 minutes laying out a gymnastic jumping grid as per my favorite jumping book "Jump for Joy", and when it was all done, went and grabbed Moon.

He moved away from me at first, but a few "whoas" seemed to get him to stand still. I brought him over to the tie post, groomed the snot out of him, and then the lightening was crashing in the distance and the thunder growing louder. Eddie, one of the dogs came over, and I knew that meant it would storm for sure.

Put Moon away, locked up behind myself and sprinted for home, two dogs in tow. Eddie had already headed home, so I was confident we'd make it back before the rain hit...

Except as I get 1/2 way across the field, Eddie who is older and pretty well blind and deaf, is running across the field to me. Must have been scared and went looking for me...

I'm calling to her, but she can't seem to hear and heads right back to where I just was beside the tie post. I dash across the field towards her calling, the other dogs in tow. Not finding me beside the tie post, she heads over to the road, and now I'm running as fast as I can, calling to her. Dash under the fence in a hurry, shocking the snot out of myself since it's electrified.

As I slide to my knees in the grass and mud on the other side, dear Eddie seems to hear me and trots through the ditch water over to me. My own dog of course, goes splashing after her, since my dog LOVES ditch water. "Yippee" the other dogs seem to think.

So Edds follows me back home with the other dogs leading the way and the rain starts to fall. We're not quite home, but it's not raining hard yet. I'm running as fast as I can since I don't want to be soaked, and discover I outran Edds and she turned back in the direction we came from. Probably thinking that's where I went??

There I am, again, running back towards her. I get right beside her, and have to slow jog so she can keep up with me. If I get even a few paces ahead of her, she stops and turns around. Poor girl.

We finally make it home, and I'm dripping wet. The rain is pouring down. The dogs are wet.

Needless to say, I didn't get to ride, I did get soaking wet, and I did get to stare out the window watching the ponies. And hey, I made this blog post...

It's can't all be that bad. Besides, it seems to have stopped raining again, so maybe there's still time for that ride...

; )

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