Sunday, October 16, 2011

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

After returning home from Calgary, I found myself busy catching up on all the things that had gone undone and all the things I still had to do. Which meant I didn't make it out to the barn until this morning.

It's bitter sweet to me, as I'm happy I managed to get out and visit my boy, but sad knowing it was too short and work dragged me away too soon.

The barn was empty at 10:30 this morning, other then W and her family sweeping up the last of the bedding from the alley. Moon was nose-to-nose in the paddock with his new girlfriend, Ebony, and they seemed to share a special bond. Older horse to younger horse, they make a cute pair. It means something to me knowing he finally has a friend in the paddock, not being chased away to stand alone in the field as he often was at T's. I wonder to myself which is better? A smaller paddock with a dear friend, or more space to run but no-one to follow?

Some of the horses were dressed in their blankets already, but Moon was standing plain and furry in his paddock. I brought him in, appreciating the warm barn and lack of wind inside.

W's dad told me that he ADORES Moon, as he's a good boy, easy keeper, doesn't do no harm and is just a really sweet horse. I was swelling with pride. W chimed in to agree, and I couldn't help but feel blessed yet again to have such an absolutely amazing horse.

His new halter fit BEAUTIFULLY and looks equally gorgeous on him. W swooned a bit over it's newmarket flannel lining, and I gave Moon a good grooming. I also tried on his Cavallo's finally...and discovered they're too narrow for him. : ( Oh well, w/e. I'll just have to make do.

After W and company went back to the house, I looked at Moon and knew I had to TRY to sneak in a short ride. The wind was howling, but I took him into the arena anyways. He was spooky and jumpy and hot to start, and of course, calling.

I decided to try to change his mind on that. Whenever he called, I put him into a tight circle and made him circle until he quit. The frequency of his calls got longer and longer, until I ran out of riding time. I have to say, he came around WAY better then he has in the past. I'm really looking forward to getting back into regular riding next week, since he showed me today that he can get his mind refocused and return to being on the bit and in contact much sooner then ever before. : ) And even after a whole week off!

I made him stand nice at the mounting block while I got on and off a few times, and he was a charm. Something about getting him calmed down that makes the difference...

I did notice I probably need to drop my stirrups a few holes...

I untacked him, put his gear away and stuffed him full of treats. I hung up the jollyball in his stall so he might have some more entertainment when I'm away, and then it was back out to the paddock for him. Which made me kinda sad.

Into the car and back on the road to get to the airport...really, I love and appreciate my job. Not everyone has the luxury of flying off to a big city for a week, watching the 4 lanes of traffic stream into the bustling downtown, where they check into a posh hotel on the top street, have a delicious meal with good company and then curl up in the down duvet to sleep away until the next morning. It's truly something special and I love what I do. I just wish I could bring my pony along ; )


  1. Your pony is creating a reputation for himself as a true gentleman. He'll be welcome at any stable! I understand why you're so proud...this is how our parents must feel when other parents compliment them on their kids.

  2. I too get sad if I don’t get to spend enough time my equines, but it sounds like all is going pretty well. It also sounds like someone likes your pony and I am not surprised he sounds like a cracking little chap you are certainly doing a good job with him.

  3. Ps I think it probably best for equines to have a dear friend but a smaller paddock, but that’s just in my opinion.