Monday, October 10, 2011

Away for Turkey Day

So to start, Happy Thanksgiving to those in Canada! We might not get Black Friday, but thanksgiving is still a special holiday for us. I love spending time with family and friends and appreciating having everyone in my life. This year we headed west to Alberta to spend the holiday with the BF's family and still haven't set a date to come home.

What does this have to do with ponies? Well there's a new english store in Okotoks called Heartland Saddlery.
Of course we had to go there. I still haven't found a new dressage girth, but we DID buy Mr. Moon a new (better fitting) halter. We ended up getting him a cob-sized since he seems to have a very small little headed. We (the bf had final say) picked a really cute Horsewear Rambo blue striped halter with darker blue webbing. See the one in the picture. Can't wait to get home and try it out on him!

Hopefully I make it to my lesson which I rescheduled to Friday night. Why? Because Sunday I fly out to Toronto for work for a week.

Hoping my pony and all of yours are having a very happy Canadian turkey-day.


  1. Great blog! Why not come over to Haynet a new Equine Blogging Network for all to follow. Please take a look at Thanks!

  2. Have a great Thanksgiving! I like the halter, Shyloh has one a lot like that.