Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Manure Geek.

I was standing out in Moon's paddock on the weekend, taking a rest of picking poop. And as I gazed off towards the sacrifice paddock, I found myself smiling. For the simplest reason. I could see my pasture management in action.

The sacrifice paddock is still hanging onto some grass, but it has deep paths worn in it, rocks are churned up, the dust blows across the dry soil that's exposed in some areas and it looks more grey than green.

The middle paddock, the one I was standing in that Moon had spent the last 10 days in, was also getting that "grey haze" over it. The paddock he had come from previously, had a nice green to it, but the paddock he hadn't yet been in was tall and lush with green grass. None so tall it had gone to seed, but a nice healthy length ready for eating.

I'm a geek, but look at the left paddock that's growing green (regrowth), the middle paddock Moon just finished grazing (now rest), and the right paddock that's been untouched!! Fabulous rotational grazing!! The sacrifice paddock is in the front of the image. 

As I gathered up the last trailer load of poop, I appreciated that not only were the paddocks looking healthy and so far I've managed to time my rotations well, but no grass was being lost to the poop. Horses don't graze where they've pooped, and their poop contains weed seeds and worms. Good grass can be lost under the poop and less desirable weeds can spring up. While I don't get super excited about picking paddocks (and there were two trailers full from this middle paddock....and it's bigger so takes longer to drive around), I really appreciate the benefits of poop picking. Even when I'm sweating away on a hot Sunday afternoon.

It makes me feel like I'm actually managing the manure and the outputs/inputs of our farm. And that matters to me.

Beyond all the poo picking, not much has been going on. A couple of short rides, a couple of lunge sessions. I spent a week on a work trip, and the husband G did an AMAZING job looking after the whole farm. You can imagine how I felt when he messaged me that Moon wouldn't come up to the barn to get my husband walked it out into the field for him the first three days. Nothing says love like your husband loving your horse. Heck, yesterday he even asked if I minded if he fed the pony!! Um, of course not!! It's awesome to see Moon actually come up when G goes to feed him now, where before he was distant.

Two of my loves, wandering in the field <3
(it's extra brown and crunchy bc we hadn't had rain in weeks at this point!)

When the farrier came for trims last week, I was thrilled when she commented on how awesome his body condition was. Score one for the non-plentiful grass!!

I've also almost got his scratches cleared up; the one hoof has one tiny patch, and the other has two. Just a few more days of treatment (I had run out of cream). I also have his gums looking better around that bad tooth of his. Unfortunately though, he managed to sunburn his nostrils, so he's got some skin peeling in that area. It's even in a spot where his fly mask doesn't reach. Poor pony.

Sunburn :( Flymask doesn't cover here. 

Of our 20 chickens, we still have all 20 and they now live outside. It's awesome to let them out of the coop as they run around. They're way less adorable as they get older.

Getting big!

Outdoor chicken coop

I can honestly say that third trimester fatigue is hitting me now, and I have a hard time staying energetic. I'm really, really glad we did as much as we did when we did.

Cause we needed this big of a garden too... ;) 


  1. Looks like you both are doing a fantastic job with your property! Love seeing your updates!

  2. Hopefully you are composting that manure! Does that horse compost ever grow veggies and flowers!!

    1. Yup, got a nice covered manure pile going!! :D Between the horse and the chickens, I expect a super garden next year! :D

  3. Just found your blog. My husband and I lived in Manitoba for a couple of years and we loved it! :)

    1. It's a wonderful place! Minus the mosquitos...which are coming out full force now!!