Wednesday, April 13, 2016

T-17 days!!

Moon moves home in 17 days!!! :D

Not saying things are fully set up for him, but we're gonna be working hard over the next couple of weeks to get there!

We finally are getting some nice weather, which hopefully will get the ground thawing and drying, and the grass growing! The field is still totally brown.

I was out yesterday until sundown (oh my abs!!), and got all the gate anchors installed and even one set of gates :D And I ran the last two fence wires on the front fencing which I didn't get to in the fall :) Somehow it's easier to roll out that giant spool of wire that weighs 100 lbs now :P

The husband is going to spend Sunday helping me install the solar energizer (and ground rods) and hopefully get the sub-dividing t-posts and wire installed. That will leave us with 3 pastures to rotate through, and if the weather holds up, I might even be able to get the sacrifice paddock done and the shelter started :D I'd really like to have the sacrifice paddock done when he gets here, just in case the pasture grass needs a bit more time. It still felt pretty loose yesterday.

Of course, I still need to clean the last bits of our wedding off the pasture too! A picnic table, bbq, sandbox...but that shouldn't take long. And I'll just set them up in the field closer to our garden :)

I'm so excited. I can't even explain it. To think that it's going to be a quick quad ride to see my boy!! Going out yesterday was a blast; a minute long ride and there I was!! Pasture!! I seriously can't wait! I think I'm going to start trying to ride him from the pasture up to the house and then back most evenings :) I just can't wrap my mind around what it'll be like to have him RIGHT there. Anytime I want! I think about how giddy I get when we go horse camping and he's RIGHT THERE! Now that'll be every day!! :D

Our day-old chicks arrive the weekend after Moon does, and I'm so excited to see our place become a real farm :) Supporting all the things we love :) Even the garden looks ready to start planting in the coming weeks :)

I did have some issues with supplies being sold out at the local farm supply store. Those darn gate anchors. Thankfully at the last minute I worked out that I could buy the plastic circular screw in insulators, and use that to affix the one end of gate wire too. I'm just going to make little wire jumpers to carry on the electricity into the gate :) And hubs managed to grab just enough of the proper gate anchors that I can use them on the hook-end of the handles :) PERFECT!

Tonight I'm going to try to finish all the gates, and then roll out some of the wire for the dividing fence line :) Gotta get ready to get lots done on Sunday! :D

That first picture of Moon's big old white nose in his very own backyard is gonna be worth all the hard work <3 Been waiting 25 years for this moment...

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