Monday, September 22, 2014

Moving Forward.

Settled back into something of a riding pattern, if nothing more than once a week due to the chaos of life. Which is better than nothing.

But when Moon and I were working in the ring last Friday, and granted there was a big storm brewing (the other horses were running the paddock), I just didn't feel like him and I were getting anywhere. After about an hour of work, he felt incredibly stiff to the left, and only moderately flexible to the right. Now granted, it's been a long time since we've worked on this stuff, but his stiffness to the left was so severe that it was almost impossible for me to manage. I mean, I couldn't even ask him to flex his face inward, without getting him to step around. I finally placed him alongside the fence when I asked, and you could see how difficult it was for him to flex.

I gave it my best, but just didn't feel like we were getting there.

Frustrated, I knew I needed to do something.

Insert Coach W.

It's been A LONG TIME since I've had a lesson with Coach W. A long time. And that's a hard time for me. W isn't just my coach. She's a dear friend and something more...she's that person for me, that reminds me to have patience, appreciate what we are achieving and keep dreaming for more. She motivates me to keep riding through the frustration.

So I turned to her and booked Mr. Moon a training ride for Thursday.

I don't know what to expect, I don't know how far backwards Moon has gone since we left her barn and left her training (or me!), but I know that if I want to ride more again, I need to bring her back. Financially we probably won't get a lot of rides, but I want to use them when they're going to do the most, and I know that they give us, so it's worth skipping a hair cut or making kraft dinner for supper. It just is.

Here's hoping it helps.

My dopey boy, post ride. :)

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