Friday, November 16, 2012

What the Spirit needs...

If I'm back to blogging, that means you're back to reading about the really, really boring things in life. Sad, but the truth is sometimes there just ain't nothing horse-happening.

Like yesterday. Out to the barn, peak in on my gimpy horse, who thankfully had less swelling in the cannon and it was more localized around his ankle, still a fairly stiff puffed mess. He was still resting it quite a bit, but a horse owner can't fret too much when they catch the "injured" horse backing and kicking at their pasture mate in order to stay supreme-leader-of-the-hay-net.

Yes, he's an a$$ that way. Puffy ankle or not. And yes, I contemplated beating him into proper hay-side mannerisms...but I knew it would just lead to more poulticing on my part ; )

Up the hayloft I climbed, fed those darn ponies their hay, and as the sun settled behind the trees, I gathered their feed buckets and made my way back to the warmth of the heated garage. What can a girl seriously do? Not much with a gimped horse and daylight faded before 5:30 pm. And a day job. There's always this confounded day job...

Now me, I do love winter. I know a lot of you look at our good coating of snow and think "Boy, that would be a fantastic winter holiday, 3 days of trekking my horse through the powdery white puff, sipping on the mint hot cocoa and building a snowman with a carrot nose and some *cute* little button eyes".

I get it. I do. We're magical and mystical and the perfect extraction of Miracle on 34th Street in our holiday glory. We are.

HOWEVER, when the temperatures start to plummet down to a naughty -40 C (which is -40 F ironically), well, quite suddenly your balmy temperatures and brown grass have us yearning for the deep south. We admit it, we do.

Irrespective of all of that, winter is a very distinct and separate season up here for me. You see, because when it's blustery cold, the ground is frozen solid and there's always white powder swirling about, you feel quite okay with laying aside the garden tools, the outdoor tasks, the need to actually "do" anything. Winter, when you live in a terribly cold and frigid place, is the PERFECT and natural excuse to hole up at home and vegetate.

This is my season for relaxing. Suddenly I have weekends where I honestly do nothing. I lay on my favourite plush chair, an old book or a wrinkled magazine in hand, and I do nothing but daydream and fantasize and on occasion...frequent occasion should it be either a rare sunny day or a miserable cloudy day...fall asleep in the middle of a Saturday afternoon under a big down duvet and wake up to make christmas cookies at 7 pm like I've actually reached old age.

This is my season for not doing.

And so, yes, you can see my pony is portly and yes, I'll be out Saturday afternoon riding him through the snow and having a blissful time. And we'll ride the winter away, but dear folks, everyone, absolutely everyone, needs to spend a week up here, on our coldest, snowiest, blusteriest days, and regain a true understanding for what it means to hole up and simply exist for a moment in life.

Sometimes, that's just what the spirit needs.

Welcome to Winter.


  1. I can't believe you already have snow! Did you grow up in the same place you live now?

    I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and live in Charleston, SC's unacceptable for the temperatures to get below freezing (they rarely do). But I must say, there is something super peaceful about the snow. I would love it if I could have it when I want it.

    Love that last pic!

  2. I think that you should feel free to post more non-horsey posts! I have an awfully skewed life to horse ratio in the wrong way, and want to post more but have pretty much nothing to say about any kind of horse related activity, which sucks! I, however, would totally read some posts that are not horse related... Perhaps that's not what other strangers would like to read on my blog, but I feel a genuine interest in the people behind the horses I read about. For instance, I would love to know about this new guy! ;) Just sayin, if I get a vote, we all have lives, and I don't mind the life posts! :)

  3. Merly's large head makes her pretty big feed bucket look teensy!!!

  4. I'm with pony! If you like blogging, post about non horsey things! I love reading about other people.

  5. Shoot, I can just look at those pictures and appreciate what it means to hole up" inside a nice, warm house! I hate being cold, so I can only imagine what -40F feels like! We've had low 50's here and I'm already whining...

    I hope Moon's leg continues to improve! :)